Q: Do you deliver to other addresses besides funeral homes?
A: Yes, we do. You can send flowers to any place of worship within the St. Louis metropolitan area, or if the memorial service is being held at a banquet center or event hall, we can deliver there as well. Additionally, if you would like to send flowers or plants to the home of a family member, we can make those arrangements as well.

Q: What type of funeral flowers should I send?
A: Typically, the casket spray or urn surround arrangement is purchased and sent from the most immediate family member (s), whether that be a spouse, parents, or children. Other close family members typically send easel or pedestal arrangements. For other family members, business associates, friends and neighbors, vases or plants are usually sent, unless the budget allows for a larger display of flowers. Sympathy gifts are also good choices; both of which can be found on this website.

Q: When choosing a casket spray, how do I know whether to choose a half-sized casket spray or a full-size?
A: If you are having a visitation or funeral with an open casket, then a half-sized spray is the correct choice for you, as the spray will only be on the closed (bottom) portion of the casket. If you are having a closed casket service, a full-size casket spray looks nice as covers the entire surface of the casket.

Q: Which name goes on the order? I want a relative of the deceased to take home the flowers with them.
A: The name of the deceased must be included as the recipient’s name on your order. That is how the funeral home knows which parlor to deliver your flowers to. We can specify on the enclosure card who the arrangement should go home with.

Q: I don’t see the arrangement I have in mind on your website. What can I do?
A: Please call us at 855/396-9744 or 314/939-1181 and we’re happy to discuss the different options available.

Q: How much turnaround time do you need?
A: At St. Louis Funeral Flowers, we always do our very best to accommodate last-minute funeral needs. If it is less than 24 hours before the service, please call us so that we can discuss last-minute options.

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