What Are The Meanings Of 8 Types Of Popular Funeral Flowers?

There are various flowers for all different kinds of occasions but with the best funeral flower delivery, choose your flowers with deep thought and get them delivered.

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Getting and sending funeral flowers has been a traditional practice, one might wonder, why is it so? Well flowers are a sign of your emotions, a silent yet impactful description of how you feel. Back in the day flowers at funerals were meant to nullify any bad odor, and also show sympathy. Interestingly this is the oldest ritual man could have performed, offering flowers on a burial site. What is the significance of sending flowers in today’s day and age? Flowers are no doubt the best way to express yourself especially in times when you have nothing to say, just pure emotions. People now order funeral flowers online and send them over, because it is thoughtful and deeply personal. With the rush of today’s world, sending flowers to someone is a form of kindness and love. There are various flowers for all different kinds of occasions but with the best funeral flower delivery, choose your flowers with deep thought and get them delivered.

To help you choose here are some flowers that are popular as funeral flower, specifically

Calla Lily

Being one of the best funeral flower for delivery. You can get flowers like these and arrange them in a bouquet formation, if you are a relative or a friend of the deceased then this flower is just the one. Calla Lilies have an interesting shape and when put together this bouquet looks heartwarming. Calla lilies have numerous colors like magenta, pink, white and even yellow. This time you can go with an all white arrangement. Calla lily represents love, and also acts as a reminder that everything will be alright.


A commonly found flower, which is heavily used in almost all kinds of funeral arrangements, roses specifically the red ones are generally picked up by people, red roses symbolize courage, strength and love.


This is seen in flower arrangements for veterans who have passed away. Since the color blue is hard to obtain naturally these flowers make a perfect option for a blue themed bouquet with other flowers in white. Hydrangeas symbolize understanding, emotion and also apology.


This interesting flower is comparatively small and has a pearly white color with a rubbery texture. Gardenia symbolizes being gentle and purity.


These flowers are not just arranged by themselves in a bouquet or basket. Carnations are also used as filler flowers in other flower arrangements. With funeral flowers in St Louis you can get a bouquet made up of only carnations or mixed flowers. Carnations mean love and being captivated. It also stands for purity and admiration.

Asiatic lilies

Used mostly in wreaths and standing sprays, Asiatic lilies are a trumpet shaped flower with 3- 4 petals on each bud. Asiatic lilies, especially white ones, are popularly used, coming to what they represent. These symbolize innocence, purity and resurrection.


Daisies generally seem to be a joyful flower, but they also represent hope. Making them a popular pick for florist funeral flowers. Daisies have a huge variety each with their own color, shape and also meaning. Generally daisies innocence and a cheer for positivity.


When it comes to this flower, white and scarlet red are popular choices. White Chrysanthemums symbolize a long life whereas the red one represents love.

No matter which flower you pick, these flowers will bring hope, peace and empathy for the family and yourself. Order these sympathy gifts with st louis funeral flowers and express your heartfelt emotions.

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