Flowers for Funerals: What to Buy

When your loved one passes away, it’s important to choose funeral flowers that reflect the life that person lived.

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While it’s tempting to go with the biggest and most lavish arrangement you can find, doing so might seem ostentatious at a time when you want to honor and respect your loved one’s legacy in other ways as well. To figure out what funeral flowers are appropriate, take a look at these five flowers that you can get at funeral flower shops in St. Louis MO make great choices in many situations.


Lilies are a classic choice for a funeral flower arrangement. They symbolize rebirth and new beginnings, making them a perfect way to honor a life that has ended. There are many different types of lilies, so you can choose the perfect bloom for your loved one especially the large peace lily for the funeral. White lilies are typically associated with purity and innocence, while yellow lilies represent joy and happiness.


If you’re looking for a classic funeral flower, look no further than the chrysanthemum. This cheerful bloom comes in a variety of colors, making it easy to find the perfect match for your loved one’s casket. Chrysanthemums also have a long shelf life, so they’ll stay fresh throughout the service.


One of the most popular flowers for a funeral is the white orchid. Orchids are elegant and classic, and they can convey a variety of emotions depending on their color. While white orchids are often associated with purity and innocence, they can also be used to express sympathy and condolences. If you're looking for a sympathy arrangements that will make a beautiful tribute, consider the white orchid for flower delivery in st louis.


When it comes to funeral flowers, roses are often seen as the go-to option. And for good reason – they convey love, admiration, and respect. If you’re looking for a rose that will make a big impact, opt for a red or white one. Pink roses are also widely used for funerals because of their symbolic meaning of beauty, grace, and kindness.

Calla Lilies

If you’re looking for a funeral flower that will never be forgotten, calla lilies are the way to go. These flowers have long been associated with death and mourning, dating back to ancient Greece. Calla lilies are often used in funerals because of their connection to rebirth. They can represent the deceased’s soul moving on to the afterlife.

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Carnations are versatile flowers and can be used in many different arrangements. They show respect and cost very little, making them a popular choice for funerals. Carnations come in many colors, so you can choose the perfect hue to represent your loved one. White carnations are often used in funeral arrangements because they symbolize purity and innocence. If you're looking for a flower that will last a long time, carnations are a good choice.

When you are looking for a funeral flower delivery, try St. Louis. They have a wide variety of flowers that can be delivered to the funeral home or church. You can also casket sprays for funerals order online and have the flowers delivered to the funeral home.

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